What we do

We intervene early to support young people’s mental health. We are the only mental health service in the country with an exclusive focus on 12-25 year olds. Our early intervention model provides tangible supports for young people before they reach the point of acquiring a formal mental health diagnosis.

We have 13 Jigsaw Services in communities across Ireland providing mental health support to young people, and we are continuing to grow year on year. Our Jigsaw Services provide young people aged 12-25 with a place they can visit for free and confidential support from trained mental health professionals.

We educate and equip communities to help young people. Our research is the foundation on which we build our workshops for adults and young people alike. We believe that future resilience is based on early intervention and mentoring.

We are creating an Ireland where young people are connected to their communities. We are working to build strong communities where young people feel they have real emotional connections with their friends, families, teachers and peers.

We listen to young people. For years, decisions were made about young people without consulting with young people.. We are changing that. At Jigsaw, our Youth Advisory Panel’s opinions and contributions are vital to the running the running of our organisation. They guide our thinking, they influence our decision-making, they help recruit our people and are central to our organisation.

We work with the best mental health experts using evidence-driven methodology. We employ evidence-based models, devised by some of the world’s leading mental healthcare experts, based on extensive research.

We are changing the way Ireland thinks about and responds to young people’s mental health. Breaking the stigma is important. At Jigsaw, we know that, thanks to the sustained efforts of communities, organisations, charities and young people themselves, mental health is well and truly on the agenda. However, breaking the stigma alone is not enough. It is essential for our young people’s wellbeing that we respond at the right time, in the right way. We work with Government, the HSE and other policymakers to make sure the right frameworks are being put in place to help Ireland’s young people for generations to come. 

Our ambition

We are working to change how Ireland thinks about and responds to young people’s mental health.


We research and evaluate

Through our research we understand the challenges facing young people and use this to improve mental health services.


We work with young people

Young people's involvement and support is vital in helping us to make a difference to young people's mental health across Ireland.


We educate and train

Our Education and Training Programme looks to give people the skills and confidence to help support young people in their own community with their mental health


Our annual report and accounts

Our annual report and accounts explain the ways we helped young people with their mental health thanks to your support.



As a fundraising charity Jigsaw abides by the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.