Become a corporate partner

At Jigsaw, we feel the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has moved forward. We believe your business, organisation or school look for far more than just being seen as socially and environmentally responsible.

While still key considerations, increasingly, you are looking for a strategic return on their community investments. And we believe Jigsaw is best placed to support you in achieving your CSR goals. Gone are the days of dragging your staff and student out in the rain in XL charity t-shirts shaking buckets!

At Jigsaw, we see huge potential in co-creating, developing and implementing a unique relationship with you; one focused on creating standout, high impact and innovative ways to involve your key publics in changing the way Ireland thinks about, responds to and supports youth mental health.

And without the commitment of strategic partners like you we simply cannot continue to deliver the vital services that our young people deserve. However, with your backing, we can continue to support recovery from vulnerability to resilience, from isolation to togetherness and from stigma to an understanding that it’s OK not to be OK.

A partnership with Jigsaw will allow your business, organisations, school or group, not only to leverage multiple benefits, but to demonstrate a commitment to issues directly affecting your key publics and the country as a whole.

By choosing Jigsaw as your charity partner for 2020,  you will be making a tangible impact to children and young people in need of mental health support right across Ireland, and to those around them. Whether you choose to support Jigsaw through staff engagement, pro-bono supports, volunteerism, co-promotion and more, you can rest assured knowing that your support will make a significant contribution, not just to Jigsaw as an organisation, but to the entire conversation on youth mental health in Ireland today and into the future.

To discuss your next charity partnership, contact Justin McDermott now on 01 4727 010 or email Justin now and let’s explore!