We work with young people

Through our Youth Advisory Panel, we listen to what young people have to say and involve them in shaping the ways in which we support their mental health.

Who are our Youth Advisory Panel?

Jigsaw Ireland Youth Advisory PanelOur Youth Advisory Panel are young people who volunteer to help us make a difference to young people's mental health across Ireland.

They help us to:

  • raise awareness about youth mental health and why it needs to be taken seriously
  • build awareness of how we support young people and their communities
  • best support young people with their mental health
  • fundraise to support our services

Each Jigsaw Service across Ireland has its own local Youth Advisory Panel drawn from the surrounding community. We also have a Youth Advisory Panel at a national level made up of young people from the local Youth Advisory Panels and areas that don't have a Jigsaw Service of their own.

Each Youth Advisory Panel has around 20 members, aged from 16-25 years. All of them are passionate about youth mental health and may serve a term of up to three years.

Why be part of our Youth Advisory Panel? 

Being part of a Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel provides lots of opportunity to learn about new things. Youth Advisory Panel members are currently involved with our:

  •  Board of Directors
  •  HR Sub Committee
  •  Management Forum
  •  Audit and Finance Sub Committee
  • Quality and Safety Sub Committee
  • Research Sub Committee
  • Education and Training Sub Committee
  • Communication & Fundraising Sub Committee
  • Operational Management Groups.
  • Jigsaw Advisory Groups

Over the past year, Youth Advisory Panel members have:

  • Regularly contributed to the Jigsaw website, and helped us develop resources for young people and their parents
  • Helped us in the development of new Jigsaw services and ideas for ways in which to support young people with their mental health
  • Helped us to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health
  • Joined us for events and activities to ensure the voice of young people is heard

 Why it matters to us that young people are part of Jigsaw?

  “The Youth Advisory Panel acts as our compass for when we are unsure about how to deliver, design and communicate about what we we do and why we do it.”
- Staff Member.

  •   Young people know what works for them better than anyone else. 
  •   They have a right to be consulted with respect to policies/issues affecting them
  •   They are more likely to use support and services when they are consulted and involved with them
  •   They help us to make better decisions

Find out more about our Youth Advisory Panel and how you can get involved

We advertise several times throughout the year for new Youth Advisory Panel Members. We're currently looking for new members for our National Youth Advisory Panel. For more information and an Expression Of Interest form, please email john.williams@jigsaw.ie or call 01 4727 010.

Please note that an informal interview is part of the selection process.

Public transport costs are covered for interviews and all subsequent Jigsaw related travel.