We research and evaluate

At Jigsaw, we know that mental health difficulties peak during teenage and early adult years. We also know that young people who experience mental health difficulties are unlikely to look for help. 

For these reasons, we are committed to conducting research and evaluation to:

  • understand Irish young people’s mental health needs
  • make sure that the services we and others provide are of a high quality and work for young people 
  • improve and be better at how we support young people with their mental health

Here you'll find out more about the research that we do and how it influences our work. 

Jigsaw Research and Evaluation Findings

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My World Survey

An overview of the My World Survey from 2008 - 2012


The Evidence Base for Jigsaw

Jigsaw has been developed from an extensive research base including research on the challenges faced by young people in Ireland.


Latest data

See the latest live data on the impact our Jigsaw services are having...