Our ambition

Our ambition is an Ireland where young people are connected to their community and have the resilience to face challenges to their mental health.

We are working to change how Ireland thinks about and responds to young people’s mental health through the research that we do, and the services and support that we provide in communities across Ireland. We respect the voice of young people, and believe that all young people should be given the support they need to develop good mental health.

We recognise that young people, communities and government all have a role and contribution in developing a supportive environment to foster mental health in young people. We strive to innovate, challenge and apply best practice in youth mental health. 

We recognise that everyone is different and our life experiences affect who we are. Part of who we are is influenced by our age, gender identity and expression, sexual and romantic orientation, marital status, family status, religion, spiritualty, socioeconomic status, disability, ethnicity, membership of the Traveller Community and culture. The Jigsaw Team are mindful of and embrace these unique differences. We value diversity in Jigsaw, in young people and the communities with whom we work.