FAQs about our change in name

The following FAQs have been put together to answer questions you may have about the brand update from Headstrong to Jigsaw. If you have any further questions, you can email us on admin@jigsaw.ie

What is changing?

From Monday 20th June we changed to one brand – we are all becoming Jigsaw and will no longer use the name Headstrong.

Why are we making this change?

Feedback from our supporters has told us that using the two brands of Headstrong and Jigsaw has often caused confusion and been difficult to explain, we want to change that.

In the national conversation, when people talk about Youth Mental Health, their by-word is Jigsaw. Because of the work we've all been part of with young people, parents and communities, Jigsaw is now so well-known that the time has come for us to finish the branding journey that we began in 2013.

Our vision is being realised daily through our Jigsaw Services across Ireland, it is through Jigsaw that we make a connection with our supporters and the young people that we support. This has elevated Jigsaw to a strong position where for most people it has become our main brand. It resonates with young people, politicians and parents. It’s a hands-on, active brand that makes a difference to lives.

We will still continue the important work of our Research and Engagement programme, with the support of the Youth Advisory Panel. We’re not changing our work, just the “banner” under which we do our work.

What are the advantages of these changes?

For our supporters and the young people we support, it will mean less “brand confusion”. The Headstrong and Jigsaw brands often are used in the same space, and people don’t always understand that we are one and the same organisation.

One brand will enable us to present our vision in a unified and consistent way to supporters and the young people we support. This will help us in raising the profile of how we are making a difference to the mental health of young people across Ireland.

It will also simplify and make much smoother the design process when creating new promotional and support material. Bringing our work together under the one brand will reduce the confusion that often occurs within the organisation as to when the Headstrong brand should and should not be used.

When will the changes take place?

The change to Jigsaw happened on Monday 20th June.

Will Headstrong be changing its web URL and email addresses?

We own the domain for Jigsaw.ie. Over the coming months we will be adopting this as our new web address. Headstrong.ie URLs will redirect to the equivalent pages on our new website at Jigsaw.ie.

Headstrong staff’s email addresses will be changing so that they end in Jigsaw.ie, becoming:


Legally, is anything changing?

No. Our legal name is The National Centre for Youth Mental Health ltd., and there is no change to this.

The Charitable Status Number for the National Centre for Youth Mental Health Ltd. Remains in place and unchanged.

Headstrong and Jigsaw are the trading names of The National Centre for Youth Mental Health Ltd. We’re just using Jigsaw from now on when we promote the whole range of our work (Research, Engagement, and Services) to the general public.

Will our Research and Engagement programme get lost?

Our work isn’t changing, we will still be focussed on the three areas of Research, Engagement, and Services.

What happens to the legacy of Headstrong?

We’ll be emphasising the achievements of Headstrong over the past ten years, and the reason we’ve all become Jigsaw, in all communications about the change – through our emails and the About Us section on the website.

For people using the Headstrong.ie URLs, these will redirect automatically to the same page on Jigsaw.ie.

Does this affect our charitable status?

No. We are registered for charitable status under our legal name - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health Ltd. As this is a change to our trading name, and not our legal name there will be no change to our charitable status.

Will there be a media announcement?

The change will be announced publically via the website, social media and through a special e-newsletter to our supporters.

How can I found out more about the change?

You can contact the Communications Team at Jigsaw by emailing admin@jigsaw.ie