Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision is an Ireland where young people are connected to their community and have the resilience to face challenges to their mental health.


We are working to change how Ireland thinks about and responds to young people’s mental health through Research, Engagement and Services. We respect the voice of young people, and believe that all young people should be given the supports they need to develop good mental health.


We recognise that young people, communities and government all have a role and contribution in developing a supportive environment to foster mental health in young people. We strive to innovate, challenge and apply best practice in youth mental health in an Irish context. As an evidence-led organisation we research and evaluate all of our activities.

Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, is a charitable organisation supporting young people’s mental health in Ireland. Its goals include that every young person will have at least “one good adult” in their life, and that when they need support, they will be able to seek and obtain it. Jigsaw wants to change how Ireland thinks about young people and their mental health. Set up originally as Headstrong in 2007 in response to a growing concern that the mental health needs of young people were being neglected.


In 2016, the year of our tenth anniversary, we changed our name from Headstrong to Jigsaw. This was in recognition of the incredible efforts of our supporters, staff and Youth Advisory
Panels in making the name of our service ‘the word’ in the national conversation about youth mental health. We know that Jigsaw works.Working together under the one name, we aim to set the course for a future where every community across Ireland will have access to the support that Jigsaw offers – We are Jigsaw.