Our values

There are six values that underpin everything that we do.

We value young people.

We listen to the voice of young people and respect their expertise in being young.
We trust and believe in them and their ability to deal with issues and to contribute to decision making and relating to their mental health
We include young people in key decisions and leverage their skills and knowledge for the betterment of our organization

We show compassion.

We create compassionate spaces for the young people we support and for those who support us in the execution of our vision.
We will look out for and after our people and each other.

We are progressive.

We are innovative in thought and action and we challenge the status quo.
We refuse to rest on our laurels and strive to be better.
We are open to change and will always acknowledge what does not work
We aim to look at innovative ways of working together and with others to achieve our vision

We act with integrity.

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
We respect each other’s opinions and those of others we work with and deal with.
We treat all suppliers, partners and supporters with honesty and respect.
We are open in our dealing with others and are open to being wrong.

We work collaboratively.

We create meaningful relationships with like-minded ornganisations in a consistent manner for the benefit of young people.
We value what others can bring and acknowledge that we cannot achieve our vision alone.

We are driven by evidence.

We are open to, and informed by, evidence and will remain insights-driven.
We make as many decisions as possible by being informed by evidence.
We know why we do things.
We listen and learn from others.