One Good Adult

Will you join us and people around Ireland and take the pledge to be One Good Adult®?

Right now in Ireland, many of our young people are struggling. Mental health issues are affecting our young people, now, more than ever. As they try to make sense of the chaotic, changing and stressful world, many are sad, isolated and anxious. 

At Jigsaw, we are working hard to change things, and we will not rest until we have. But now we need YOUR help.

We KNOW that YOU can can transform the lives of the young people around you. YOU can be a super hero in your community.

All it takes to be One Good Adult® is to truly listen to the young people around you and to let them know that you hear them.

A trusted voice, a friendly face, a listening ear. Mother. Father. Uncle. Big sister. Big brother. Coach. Neighbour. Anyone. We can all be that One Good Adult® that transforms the life of a young person.

We are proud to be partnered with Lidl Ireland who are helping us to support you. Visit their website here to learn more about our partnership and check out the Lidl Book of Listening for some tips to support you when listening to young people.

Will you stand up and take the One Good Adult® pledge?

Will you join our countrywide community of super heroes who are transforming the lives of young people one simple conversation at a time?