Research and evaluation strategy launched for 2020 - 2023

February 12th 2020

Research and evaluation strategy launched for 2020 - 2023

We are happy to announce our new research and evalution strategy which will span the next four years. At Jigsaw, research and evaluation are a huge part of what we do, with many successes to date, including: 

  • Developing an electronic evaluation and case management system for use in Jigsaw services that is core to evaluating, monitoring and enhancing the evidence base for our work
  • Publishing two national youth mental health surveys, most recently the second My World Survey, in partnership with UCD School of Psychology
  • Disseminating our research and evaluation work nationally and internationally.

The new strategy sets out a really ambitious goal of establishing Jigsaw as a leading and trusted source of youth mental health information by undertaking pioneering research, robust evaluation and producing transformative evidence, to advance the MH of young pepole aged 12-25 years.

There are three key strategic priorities:

  • Pioneering research
  • Robust evaluation
  • Transformative evidence.

We invite you to view the strategy here.