In conversation with…Bridget Gavin

December 13th 2018

Our 'In conversation with…' we feature a different volunteer, supporter or staff member. This month we spoke with Bridget Gavin, from Gaelforce Events. 

Tell us a little about Gaelforce Events

Gaelforce is an events company based in Connemara, County Galway. We organise events all over Ireland, usually in the more adventurous bracket.

Our first ever event was Gaelforce West back in 2006 and since then we have grown our events to include 4 adventure races, an ultra-adventure race, trail running, mountain running and even open water swimming events. I have been working here since 2016 and enjoy all that Gaelforce brings to my life.

What inspired you to get involved with Jigsaw?

We had worked with Jigsaw on a few of our events over the past few years and we have been following the work Jigsaw do. I think we all understand the importance of looking after our mental health and especially in our youth which can be a very delicate time in development.

Jigsaw for me address this so well in their approach, giving young people the tools to cope with their mental health and also steering them in the direction of support and help when it is needed.

What most excites you about this partnership with Jigsaw?

I think that exercise plays a big role in our mental health and because of that I think that Gaelforce events can offer a space. I run for my own mental health, as do many of us who work at Gaelforce. What excites me is that I believe in what Jigsaw are trying to do and I believe we can help in achieving these goals.

What change would you like to see to youth mental health in Ireland?

I would like to see a future where young people can get help without any stigma no matter how big or small the problem, same as going to the dentist, or an optician.

What other interests do you have?

I would love to see young people with being prescribed exercise and the outdoors when it’s appropriate. It will not always be the prefect fit but I believe that as we better understand ourselves and our mental health we will know what works best for us.

Exercise will not be the right fit for everyone, the same as medication will not always be the answer. I would love the medical profession to look at the full picture and address the full picture, not just parts of it