In conversation with….Leona McManus

March 05th 2018

In conversation with….Leona McManus

What inspired you to sign up for the Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil? 

I have been working as part of the Jigsaw Offaly Team since October and over the past few months I have been inspired by the organisation’s ambition and vision.  I really value the work that we all do in Jigsaw and wanted to help create awareness and contribute in another way.  No better option than to face my own fears and try something that I would never dream of doing without this motivating factor. 

What are you most looking forward to for this challenge?

I’m looking forward to the atmosphere on the day of the abseil.  I think there will be a really great feel good factor with everyone facing this challenge with the same end goal in mind.  I’m also looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone and (hopefully) completing the abseil without too much stress.

Why do you think it is important to support Jigsaw and young peoples’ mental health?

From working clinically and seeing the number of referrals Jigsaw services respond to on a weekly basis the importance of an early intervention service to support young people’s mental health is crystal clear.  Mental health is something that we all have and we need to look after it.  We need to make sure that communities are also aware of this.  I’m hoping that my fundraising page will raise awareness as well as funds in order to help Jigsaw continue doing its great work in changing the way we think about and respond to young peoples’ mental health needs.   

What other interests do you have?

I’m usually more interested in land based activities than those in the sky! I enjoy running, reading, listening to music and an occasional bit of kayaking. 

If you're interested in joining Leona, and the rest of Jigsaw's team of Abseil Heroes, check out our event sign up page for details!