In conversation with…. Richie Kennedy

April 16th 2018

In conversation with…. Richie Kennedy

Richie Kennedy is a Jigsaw Fundraising Hero. He has already completed one Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil and is signed up for our next event on April 28th! 

What inspired you to sign up for the Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil?

I like to help with fundraising and to help myself to help others because I can’t stand heights and by doing the abseil it will help in some way of getting over the fear of it. Back in 2009 till 2012 I was on the Youth Advisory Panel for Jigsaw Meath so I got to see first-hand what good work jigsaw was doing in my home town and all over the country and jigsaw has giving me life tools to take me on my walk of life. I found life is what you make of it with the right tools. People ask I do this abseil and I say because I want to make a difference in life.

What are you most looking forward to for this challenge?

I look forward to meeting other people who have taken up challenges like myself to help someone that may need someone to be there and I know it may not be a big thing for some people but to a lot  It can mean the world to some and that what makes it so good to be a part of this abseil

Why do you think it is important to support Jigsaw and young people’s mental health?

Why I think it’s good to support jigsaw and young people’s health and mind is that today’s young people are tomorrows  next doctors police etc and we can help them to get the best in life that some have not got yet or will without the likes of jigsaw.

What other interests do you have?

My interests are playing football with my mate the I have been friends with the best part of my life and we/I have a big interest in travelling, i have started to do a lot of walks with good friends of mine and it helps keep the mind in a good place and I do like to take the mountain bike out for a hour or 2.  I do enjoy do some Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Our abseil on April 28th is booked out but if you would like to take part in our next event which happens on October 27th, you can sign up here!