In Conversation With… Ronan Mullen

October 10th 2018

In Conversation With… Ronan Mullen

We spoke to Ronan Mullen, of the Adventure Agency, about our upcoming Croke Park Abseil which takes place on Sat 27th October – register here to take part!

What is your involvement with the Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil?

We’ve been working with Jigsaw for the past 3 years providing technical logistics for the Croke Park Abseil.

What can people expect from the Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil?

Fear, Fun & Excitement! This is an amazing experience. When you arrive outside the stadium and look up you feel the shiver run down your spine, you know you’re in for an experience with a difference. After you sign in we get you kitted up in harness, helmet and gloves. Then we talk through the Abseil and how it all works. At this stage the nerves are starting to kick in and this is totally normal, in fact if you’re not a little nervous that gets our guys nervous! Once we’ve completed our checks we head out to the stadium where we have a simulated abseil, we talk through the system and how it all works and you get to put your weight on the rope and feel the control. You’ve two ropes on you at all times; you control one, we control the other. This means we have ultimate control at all times.

Now the excitement really kicks in as we climb the steps to reach the stairs to the roof. We traverse the Skyline walk as we take in the views all over Dublin City & Bay, to the mountains and out to Howth. We leave the Skyline and take a gantry to the edge of the stadium roof, as we peer over the edge we you get a view of what lies ahead.

It’s not just the Abseil, there’s more to do even before we reach the start point! We now descend the ladders in the back of the large screen hanging off the roof of the Hogan Stand. When you reach the lower level our guides are there to help and guide you. They’ll get you hooked up to the ropes and talk you through everything again as you step out over the edge. This is by far the scariest part of the challenge but you’re 100% safe. You step off and start your descent.  Don’t forget to take in the unique view of the 3rd largest stadium in the Europe and remind yourself that you are abseiling off it!

We’ll greet you on the ground and make your way back up the briefing room where we’ll help you out of your kit.

What part of the Abseil do you like the most?

Meeting people after the done the abseil. They are buzzing and the atmosphere is electric, you can feel the energy.

What is one of the most common questions you get asked about the Abseil?

“Is it safe?” – yes it is, there are two ropes on you at all times- you control one, we control the other. This means we have ultimate control as you descend.

“How long does it take to get down?” – time really stands still as you descent. If someone asked you when you got down how long it took you you’d have no idea. In fact, it takes anything from 60 to 120 seconds.

The Jigsaw Croke Park Abseil, Sat 27th October, is open for registrations here.