In conversation with… Michelle Nagle

June 19th 2019

In conversation with… Michelle Nagle

We chatted to Michelle Nagle from Cork, who is taking on a huge challenge for Jigsaw on Sunday 22nd June...


Tell us a little more about the challenge you are taking part in?

I am partaking in an Ironman challenge in Youghal on the 23rd of June. This involves a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and, finally, a marathon. There is a 17-hour time-cap for this event and I am hopeful to complete it within this time. With no experience of even competing in a triathlon, I really went straight to the top but I have put in hours of training with the hope of achieving success.

How is your training going? Is this your first time doing an event like this?

Training is going well, however, it has also been tough. Much time and effort has been put into training to become accustomed to moving continuously for such a long period of time. I have never completed anything like this before so it will definitely be a challenge. However, I am doing it with my boyfriend who I train with every day so this makes it much more enjoyable and the support around me from friends and family keep me going through the tough training sessions. The cycle is what I am most worried about. Before January, the most I had cycled was down to the local shop to stock up on sweets as a child! With no experience of even a triathlon, I cannot predict what to expect (apart from severe pain) but I am not afraid to give it my all and see where I come out at the end of it.

How are you going about your fundraising? Has anything in particular worked for you?

I have created a fundraising page online which I have shared on my Facebook and Instagram page. This is proving successful, however, it is not accessible to the older generation who are also eager to donate so a sponsorship card is also necessary. I will also be hoping to receive fundraising from local businesses which will be a massive bonus to my fundraising goal. I am hopeful to raise over €1,500 for Jigsaw.

Why do you think it is important to support Jigsaw and young people’s mental health?

As a primary school teacher and gymnastics coach to children, I am extremely aware of how mental health has become a distinct part of childhood today. Childhood is a time for children to enjoy themselves, try new experiences and meet new friends. It should be cherished and valued and children may need assistance to realise their clear potentials which Jigsaw can facilitate. The work of Jigsaw is truly amazing and extremely important to the lives of the children of the future. They provide a support network which is accessible to any child and I hope that any young person in need of support would reach out to Jigsaw. I am delighted to help in any way I possibly can and I hope that many more continue to support this amazing organisation so that it can help young people to achieve their goals and enjoy their lives.

You can support Michelle's fundraising goals here.