A real #GiroHero - Gary Cullen

September 06th 2017

A real #GiroHero - Gary Cullen

What inspired me to get involved with Jigsaw and take part in the Giro was that I want people to notice more the importance of our youth’s mental health. I know exactly what it is like to suffer from your mental health and I want to see the work of Jigsaw continue. Knowing that the service is still there and the powerful work they do means that our youth are getting the help and attention they need and deserve. Also being a bit of fitness freak and avid cyclist, I wanted to really challenge and push myself on this amazing event.

I am most looking forward to meeting all the other great people from around the country taking part in this fantastic event. Hopefully making new life long friends along the way and having a great laugh with everyone. Taking part in an event like this is something that’s going to feel very different and special and to be able to cross the finish line on the Sunday knowing I have achieved something great is going to be an awesome feeling. Having my friends and family supporting me in the build up and knowing I am supporting a great cause and when I see their faces at the finish will be exciting and emotional and I can’t wait!

When a child reaches secondary school everything for them changes and the world all of a sudden becomes very overwhelming. More focus needs to be put onto the child’s wellbeing and making sure the child is motivated and enjoying themselves early on in school. Stop the severe pressure of performance inside the classroom and begin nurturing a child’s strengths. When a child is happy and motivated they want to do well. It’s not only in schools though that a young person’s mental health needs to be noticed more. For a young person knowing there is somewhere for them to go means they know they aren’t alone. Supporting Jigsaw and raising money for them means that a service like this remains as a place for these amazing young people to go and be heard.

I live a very active lifestyle. I am a CrossFit maniac and love the feeling inside the gym of achieving new things. The community associated with CrossFit really is the best I’ve ever experienced and everyone motivates you to keep going. I love rugby and have recently returned to the pitch for Navan rugby club after a few years out. I enjoy keeping fit and I cycle, run and everything in between and competed in a Triathlon this year as well in Athy, Co. Kildare. When I’m not doing something exercise related I really do enjoy my downtime and spend it with my friends and family and my amazing 3 year old daughter.