Roses are red…..

February 12th 2018

Roses are red…..

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by Valentines, what about you?

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us, and with this can come a mixed bag of reactions. This annual tradition is seen to celebrate love and romance between couples; why St. Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for carrying out weddings for soldiers who were otherwise forbidden to marry, now is that not romantic in itself!?  

Valentines is a pretty distinct holiday, you can’t turn sideways without seeing the balloons, chocolates, flower and cards the size of toddlers, all of which are declaring undying love and romantic thoughts. But what of those of us who might not be in a relationship? What if some people are working on their relationship with themselves? Sure it can be a bit one sided but it definitely takes work. We see that cards stating that ‘you’re my everything, my life, my all’ but what would it be like if we thought that about ourselves?

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘you just sound like you love yourself if you compliment yourself’. While this could be true in some situations, what about the idea of ‘caring’ about yourself?

Is caring for ourselves the same as loving ourselves?

Do you have someone or something you care about? Music, sport, art, movies, books, pets, video games, friends, family? The relationship we have with ourselves supersedes all others. If you can care about yourself, it becomes easier to care for others. If you can like an aspect of yourself, its highly likely that someone else will like it too. I suppose it comes back to that saying ‘if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, why say it to yourself’?

So on the week leading up to Valentines what will you do to show you care about yourself? Will it be taking the time to listen to your favourite artist? Connect with friends? Read a book? Go for a walk? Finally completing that video game you’ve been in competition with? Going to a gig? Or maybe it could simply be saying something or doing something nice for yourself. 

So why not be your own Valentine this year? Because lets face it, you are one of a kind and you're lucky to know you!

written by Nicola Glynn, Clinical Support Worker, Jigsaw Offaly