Join Jigsaw Dublin 15 Youth Advisory Panel

April 05th 2016

Join Jigsaw Dublin 15 Youth Advisory Panel

Jigsaw Dublin 15 is a free and confidential mental health support service for young people aged 12-25 who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties. Jigsaw Dublin 15 provides: one to one support sessions, training for professionals, talks for parents and young people, and also engages with the community to promote positive mental health.

Jigsaw Dublin 15 aims to get young people talking about their mental health and to understand that no problem is too small to share. The Youth Advisory Panels (YAPs) are a very important piece within each Jigsaw and are made up of local young people aged 16-25 who are interviewed informally before being accepted onto the panel.

The YAP have a significant role to play within each Jigsaw service which includes challenging the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. This is done by fundraising and awareness raising campaigns. The YAP are consulted in all aspects of the decision making process from designing the interior of the hubs to recruiting appropriate staff members which ensure best standards are delivered to all young people that access the service.

There have been events such as Spring Break (a local music festival) that the YAP have been a part of organising. For International Youth Day, the YAP held a very large awareness raising day over in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre where we provided balloons with positive messages inside for people to pop and children to enjoy of course! We asked members of the public to write a positive message on a notice board and took photographs of each one. I have gained loads of skills since being part of the YAP, I have gained confidence and lots of friends. Jigsaw makes me feel very important to be a part of it. I have gained fundraising skills and there have been loads of fun experiences also.

The YAP has helped me with decision making skills and I have gained experience for jobs in the future. Fun is very important while doing all the important stuff too! If you are interested in joining the YAP and making a difference to young people’s mental health, please fill in our online application form: You can also contact us at or call 01 890 5810. We are particularly interested in hearing from young people in the 20 – 25 age bracket.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pilar Killeen, Youth Advisory Panel Member for Jigsaw Dublin 15.
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