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Taking Notice #MyWee5

October 05th 2018

Taking Notice #MyWee5

As part of the #MyWee5 campaign the clinical team here in Jigsaw Donegal have put together a short blog on each of the FIVE-A-DAY. This week, for World Mental Health Week, we will look at a different piece each day. 

So make sure and keep an eye for them over the week and don’t forget to like and share!

Today we will focus in on TAKE NOTICE, completed by Senior Clinical Support Worker, Deborah.

Our mental health is an essential part of all of us... 

How we feel, relate to others and deal with day to day things. Everyday experiences can affect our mental health.

Having good mental health is important, as it leads to a greater sense of enjoyment, happiness and satisfaction with life. It is very important to take notice of the simple things that bring you joy.

Good mental health allows us to enjoy life’s pleasures, cope with the everyday trials and tribulations of life, believe in our abilities and appreciate the world around us.

Paying attention to the present moment, to our thoughts, feelings, and the world around you can improve your mental health. Sometimes it is just a matter of stopping and 'Taking Notice' of the little things. Here are a few ideas to get you started.