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Giving #MyWee5

October 05th 2018

Giving  #MyWee5

As part of the #MyWee5 campaign the clinical team here in Jigsaw Donegal have put together a short blog on each of the FIVE-A-DAY. This week, for World Mental Health Week, we will look at a different piece each day. 

So make sure and keep an eye for them over the week on Facebook and don’t forget to like and share! 

Today we will focus in on GIVE, completed by Clinical Support Worker, Sonya.

A basic way to increase our happiness is to do things to make others happy....

Whether it’s a gesture, giving our time and attention, or a physical object – giving to others can help us begin to recognise that we have the power to impact on others’ lives in a positive way.
You may not realise it at the time, but a small kindness on your part can mean a lot to a friend, acquaintance or stranger who is feeling low or finding life difficult. Someone who has received or witnessed kindness is more likely to pass it on or ‘pay it forward’. So a small gesture on your part can ripple out, meaning that a number of people experience a kind act as a result of your behaviour. 

By giving to others you are contributing to kindness and caring levels in your immediate and wider world with an impact on your sense of belonging and self-worth. In a society where there is increasing pressure to achieve certain standards with physical appearance, education, careers and lifestyle, it can be empowering to reflect on and value the little but powerful things you have done and can do for others. 

So what’s to lose?

Giving feels good, it has a helpful impact on ourselves and the world around us. Kindness has positive impacts on stress, anxiety and depression and research from the random acts of kindness organisation shares similar good news for impact on physical health. Here are a few ideas to get you started.