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Connecting #MyWee5

October 05th 2018

Connecting #MyWee5

As part of the #MyWee5 campaign, the clinical team here in Jigsaw Donegal have put together a short blog on each of the FIVE-A-DAY. This week, for World Mental Health Week, we will look at a different piece each day. 

So, make sure and keep an eye for them over the week on Facebook and don’t forget to like and share. 

Today we will focus in on CONNECT, completed by one of our Clinical Team.

When it comes to our wellbeing, other people matter...

Evidence shows that good relationships – with family, friends and our wider communities – are important for our mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing means feeling good – about ourselves and the world around us – and functioning well. Building stronger, wider social connections can help us feel happier and more secure, and give us a greater sense of purpose in our lives. 

Why is this?

Humans are social animals. We all need support and indeed want to give support to others. Relationships build a sense of belonging and self-worth. Strong relationships with family and friends allow us to share our feelings and know that we are understood. They provide an opportunity to share positive experiences, and can give us emotional support. They give us a chance to support others – something else that is known to also promote mental wellbeing. There's also evidence that wellbeing can be passed on through relationships. Being around people with strong mental wellbeing can improve your own mental wellbeing.

Build Relationships for Wellbeing

Building relationships for wellbeing means:

  • Strengthening your relationships with people who are close to you, such as family and friends
  • Broadening your relationships in your community and the wider world

There are lots of ways to build stronger and closer relationships and here are a few to get you started: