Jigsaw Clondalkin service statement

February 26th 2019

Jigsaw Clondalkin service statement

In relation to some recent media coverage regarding the possible closure of Jigsaw's youth mental health service in Clondalkin, Jigsaw would like to confirm the following: 

  • Our service, currently based on Moorfield Avenue in Clondalkin, is not closing.
  • We are currently exploring options for service delivery into South County Dublin around our new premises in Tallaght for the service from 2020 and beyond. We remain fully committed to the young people of Clondalkin and surrounding areas and will continue to deliver our mental health services to them and those around them.
  • Any decision to change the physical location of the service will be made in line with our desire to continue to offer the best we can to the people of Clondalkin and surrounding areas.
  • Our new premises in Tallaght, will bring together our Jigsaw Clondalkin and Jigsaw Tallaght teams, thus creating one larger, more resilient team to ensure stability and sustainability into the long term for the service to the County. 
  • In line with trends across Jigsaw’s network, the last 12 months has seen a 15% surge in demand for our services in the Dublin South West region. We have, and will continue to be responsive to this demand to the best of our ability.
  • Indeed, what we will offer to our community in Clondalkin will actually expand, not contract, with a choice of locations for appointments (Tallaght or Clondalkin) from now until the end of the year, an eMental Health platform available to young people, adults and professionals working with young people available from April and a new, integrated schools programme being rolled out across the area from September this year.
  • There will be no reduction in on our day-to-day work with young people and the community across Clondalkin, Lucan, Newcastle and Palmerstown.

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