Croke Park Hero Abseil

Croke Park and abseil line

Our Annual Croke Park Hero Abseil took place this year on the 16th April with over 40 participants abseiling from the Hogan stand.

Ashling Thompson, who is a Jigsaw Ambassador, said: “With almost one in three young people being affected by feelings of depression and anxiety, good mental health for our young people is not a luxury, it’s absolutely essential.

“The Croke Park Hero Abseil is a great event, raising both money and awareness of the work that Jigsaw do to support the mental health of young people across Ireland. Jigsaw work closely with young people and their communities to really understand how they feel and what they need to support them, they provide workshops and training to help in supporting our young people and their Jigsaw Service offers a space that young people can visit to feel better and get back on track.”

This year's Croke Park Hero Abseil raised more than €25,000 for Jigsaw. The money helps Jigsaw in changing how all of us in Ireland think about and respond to youth mental health, helping to support:

Research that helps to increase our understanding of the challenges that young people face and improve youth mental health services across Ireland.
Engagement with local communities through a programme of workshops and training to change the conversations about mental health from one of stigma and mental illness to one of openness and resilience.

Will you be a Hero and join us in 2017?