Fundraising A-Z


  Afternoon Tea
Put the kettle on and get baking. Entertain guests with raffles, auctions, tombolas & live music.

  Arts/Crafts Stall
Make necklaces, dried flower arrangements, stained glass mirrors, etc, to sell on a stall.

  Auction of Services
Auction services of people and businesses – anything from singing lessons to dinner for two.


  Bad tie day
Charge your colleagues a pound to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner.

Add stereo, football and rounder’s bats and make it a whole day’s event.

  Bungee Jump
Raise sponsorship by flying in the face of fear.


  Car Wash
Wash cars at shopping centre or office car parks.

  Cookery Demo
Invite a well know chef to share recipes with ticket paying audience.

  Copper Collection
Ask people to donate their collections of 1c, 2c & 5c coins. Maybe collect enough to make our logo on a football pitch!


  Dog Show
Charge proud pet-owners to show off their pooches. Ask pet shops to sponsor the event.

  Duck race
Sell numbered plastic ducks and launch them from a bridge. The duck to finish first wins.

  Dress Down Day
Can work well in Schools and offices.


Organise an exhibition of art and charge an entry fee.

  Expert Talk
Use an expert or well-known personality prepared to donate their time. Charge admission, have a break to sell refreshments and auction their latest book, invention or autograph.


  Fancy Dress party
Jazz up your event with a fancy dress contest. Charge entrance fee.

  Film evening
Recreate an evening of vintage cinema by showing classic films and musicals.

  Fashion show
Ask businesses to sponsor venue, outfits or catwalk. Charge admission and sales commission.


  Guess the???
Competitors guess how many sweets in the jar, a cake’s weight, etc. The closest answer wins.

  Golf Classic
Ask a local Golf Club to help you put this together.

  Garden party
Sell tickets or invite guests to make a donation.


  Head Shave
Shaving all or some of your head can be a great fundraiser.

  Head and tails game
Get everyone to stand up and pass a bucket around collecting people’s change (although encourage €5 notes). Everyone decides whether they’re heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. Flip a coin on stage and announce the results. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left.

  Halloween Party
Another excuse to dress up and party. Charge entrance fees and raise money trick or treating.


  Individual gifts
Gift day, pledges, an hour’s pay, donations, membership, payroll giving. Good for the office.

Put a bounce into your summer fete with an inflatable fly wall, boxing ring or gladiator court.

  International evening
Pick a country to create you theme, serve tradition food and drinks and charge friends and family to attend.


  Jazz Night
Play your own brand of jazz, or stage a show for local musicians. Sell tickets and refreshments.

  Jewellery collection
Ask the public and your friends and relatives to donate unwanted jewellery.

Dump teams in the middle of nowhere. With no money or transport, see who gets back to base first. Charge entrance fees and offer prizes.


Arrange your own X Factor contest. All you need is a machine, a room and a group of good sports!

  Kick off
5 a side tournament.

  Knockout darts or snooker tournament
Most venues will gladly help you host the event.


  Left-handed day
Try doing everything with your left hand for the day.

  Line dancing
It’s all the rage….somewhere?! Just make sure you have a good teacher!

  Local races and marathons
Take advantage of any local races that are established in your area. Book a place and ask friends for sponsorship.


  Memory meal
Transport yourself back to the 60s, 50s or the 40s. Dress in the style of the day and try to cook some dishes of the day.

Are you good at something? Why not organise a small class to show other people how to do it? Charge people a fee.

  Matched Giving
Lots of employers will match some or all of the sponsorship you raise. It’s a great way to increase your fundraising so check with your manager or HR to see if your company takes part in a matched giving scheme.


  Non uniform day
Great fundraiser at local schools.

  New year resolutions
Get sponsored to stick to your new year’s resolutions. Maybe your New Years resolution is to make a monthly donation to Headstrong

  Nature trail
Offer guided walks to natural beauty spots.


  Oiche Gaelach
Encourage you and your friend to speak Irish for an entire evening. Or offer Irish classes if you are fluent.

  Open Gardens
Garden parties around your neighbourhood

  Obstacle Course
Create your own, or an event like ‘Run a Muck‘ could work too.


  Pancake Day Party
Get flipping and fundraising my host a party on Pancake Day.

  Poetry recital
Get people to read their own verses over some mulled wine.

  Parachute jump
Daredevils only. Get sponsored to take the plunge.


If your local doesn’t run a pub quiz, set one up. Test the regulars on pop, trivia or sport.

  Quiet Time
Arrange a sponsored silence, and every time you break it you pay into the fundraising pot.

  Quintessentially Irish Day
Get the tea and scones out and celebrate Irishness on St. Patrick’s Day. Ask for an entry fee. Give prizes for the best fancy dress.


  Race Day
Three-legged, egg and spoon, relay…. Anything out of the ordinary.

  Radio campaign
Your local radio station may help by broadcasting appeals or adopting you/ your fundraising campaign for a Christmas appeal.

Ask local firms to donate prizes and sell tickets. Check raffle laws with charity.


  Stationary cycle
Don’t fancy the map reading? Forget cycling to Paris, but cover the same distance at the gym.

  Strawberries & cream
Bring the taste of Wimbledon to your event, with this summery refreshment.

  Stand up Comedy
Always a good night out and there are great ways to easily fundraise through comedy


  Teddy Bears Picnic
Charge for entry and organise a clown, face painters etc

  Talent competition
Discover Irelands’s next big thing with your own talent show. Charge entry and offer prizes.

  Theatre preview
Could your local theatre or amateur dramatics society be persuaded to do a preview in aid of Headstrong?


  Unwanted presents
Arrange a post-Christmas sale of unwanted gifts. Ask traders to donate a cut of their takings.

  University Challenge
Quiz amongst student brains is different college around Ireland

  Under 18s Gig
If there’s a band in town and tickets are for over 18s only, often the band will be happy to host another night for their younger audience.


  Variety show
Comedians, magicians, singers, dancers & musicians all under one roof.

  Valet Service
Offer to clean cars Inside and out, of neighbours, colleagues or parents at your school.

We’re lucky to have so many great places to visit around Ireland. Arrange admission charges to be given as a donation instead for an hour, a day or better still a week.


  Welly run
5km run with a difference….wellies at the ready!

A hair-raising experience for the boys. Get sponsored to wax your legs or chest.

Wig Wednesday? Wig Party? Wigs are great fun and can be used in many fundraising events as a little bit of added fun.


  X-Factor Competition
Will you be ‘Simon Cowell’ enough??

  Xmas hampers
Make up and sell your own Xmas hampers. Include food, drink, toys and gifts.

  X Marks the spot
Organise a treasure hunt.


  Young and old event
Organise a big family reunion for all ages. Ask for donations, they’re bound to vie with each other over who gives you the most!

  Yes Day
Say yes to everyone’s demands (within reason!) and ask people to sponsor you to do so.

  Yoga Marathon
Only for the very supple!


Zumba from 9-9! Everyone get sponsorship cards and raise funds to take part!

  Zest and Zeal
Essential if you are going to make the best of your fundraising. Your challenge is demanding and exciting and your fundraising will make a real difference to people’s lives. You should feel proud that you’re doing it.


  Zodiac evening
Invite a guest astrologer for a star-studded fundraiser. Charge for entry and horoscopes.