At Jigsaw we act early.

We create a turning point for the young people we support, helping them to develop the tools to prevent a tough time spiralling into future problems and eventually a tough life.  

We know our approach works. 

Since 2008 over 32,000 young people have had one to one support from a mental health professional in a Jigsaw service in their community. Right across Ireland, we are finding ways to reach more and more young people every day, new Jigsaw services are opening soon in Tipperary and Wexford.

But it is simply not enough.

We need to do so much more.

There are so many more young people across Ireland, who urgently need our support.

Almost one in three young people have reported feelings of depression and anxiety.*

51% of 17 to 25 year-olds have considered the idea of suicide.* 

Demand for our services grew by 45% in 2018, this number is growing and it will continue to grow into the future.


And what does the future look like?

The world moves on so quickly, that an eight year old in primary school now, will face very different challenges than those their teenage brothers and sisters are facing today.

We need to futureproof™ our services, to make sure that those teenagers, our children, will have access to the support they deserve.

We must ensure they have the tools to thrive as happy, successful adults. We need to embed Jigsaw’s pro-active, early intervention approach in every town and village in Ireland. This is a huge task, but it simply must be done. Ireland’s young people deserve no less and we won’t rest until it is done.

The carefree child of today could be the anxious teenager of tomorrow...

So we are asking you now, to help us.

Will you make a donation to futureproof™ our vital mental health services for young people?
For our young people?
For our future?

As the saying goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and we cannot do this without you.


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Find out how your donation will help futureproof™ Jigsaw's vital mental health services for young people.

*Source MyWorld Survey 2012 Research carried out by Jigsaw (Headstrong) and UCD.