What is our beta website?

During this beta phase, we are working hard to polish everything - the content, the navigation, the layout, and more. We are listening to feedback closely, trying to improve the site as quickly as possible. So if you do come across any issue, or would like to share some feedback, please drop us an email on admin@jigsaw.ie 

What has changed?

Quite a lot. We recently rebranded, changing our name at a national level from Headstrong to Jigsaw. The rebrand is reflected across our new website.
We’ve reviewed, restructured and renamed all of our website content, to make it easier for you to navigate and find what you’re looking for. We’re still learning though. So if you do have any problems looking for anything, please let us know by dropping an email to admin@jigsaw.ie 

Why the new design?

The pages have been redesigned to be easy to browse and to help you find what you’re looking for. 

Why has it changed?

We've done a lot of user research, both within Jigsaw and by engaging directly with our audiences. This told us that our previous website was no longer doing the job it was supposed to do, users were struggling to find the support and information that they needed. 

To address this we’ve worked with an experienced Website Designer and User Experience expert to develop and test new approaches to see what works best for our users. Our new navigation and content structure should make it much easier for people to find the support they want, and information about the work that we do.

We’re also moving to a new content management system, which will allow us to maintain the high standard of our information more easily.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes. All of our new sections are optimised for mobile and tablet.

I can't find what I'm looking for?

If you’re having problems finding what you’re looking for, please drop an email to admin@jigsaw.ie or give us a call on 01 4727 010.