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Jigsaw Exchange

Jigsaw Exchange

Thu 31st May '18 | 10:00AM - 1:00PM

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Dr. Lucy Johnstone: The Power Threat Meaning Framework | Moving from 'What is Wrong with You?' to 'What Has Happened to You?'

On Thursday May 31st Jigsaw - as part of a new Jigsaw Exchange series of events - is delighted to host an exciting event aimed at introducing a new framework for conceptualising mental health: the Power Threat Meaning (PTM) Framework. 

This Framework, which was developed by a group of senior psychologists and service user campaigners in the UK, was  published by the British Psychological Society in January this year.  It offers a new perspective on why people experience mental distress.  The Framework applies not just to people who have been in contact with the mental health or criminal justice systems, but to all of us. It summarises and integrates a great deal of evidence about the role of various kinds of power in people’s lives, the kinds of threat that misuse of power pose to us and the ways we have learnt to respond to those threats.  We have invited, one of the creators of the framework, renowned Clinical Psychologist, Dr Lucy Johnstone to deliver an introductory workshop on the PTM Framework on Thursday 31st May in Dublin. 

Jigsaw Exchange is a new series of free curated discussions that will deep-dive into the latest developments, research and ideas in the area of mental health. The Jigsaw Exchange series will aim to educate, inform and collaborate with leading voices in mental health research (nationally and internationally) seeking new perspectives on mental health, informed by the latest research and evidence. Through the Jigsaw Exchange series, we will aim to challenge assumptions, present evidence, air the voices of young people, influence decisions and work collectively with our partners to advance our vision for Ireland's young people.

The first event in the Jigsaw Exchange series explores The Power Threat Meaning Framework where we will discuss the links between wider social factors such as poverty, discrimination and inequality, along with traumas such as abuse and violence, and the resulting emotional distress or troubled behaviour, whether it is confusion, fear, despair or troubled or troubling behaviour.

Join us from 10am - 1pm on Thursday 31st May at The Robert Emmett Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin. 

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Robert Emmett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2

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