Youth Advisory Panel

Jigsaw Roscommon is looking for young people to join its Youth Advisory Panel and the deadline to apply is 21 April. Read on to find out more.

What is the Youth Advisory Panel?

The Youth Advisory Panel, or YAP, is a group of young people from across Roscommon who advise Jigsaw staff on providing and developing our support services from their perspective as young people. Each Jigsaw Service across Ireland has its own local YAP drawn from the surrounding community. We want all communities across Roscommon to be represented in our YAP. 

The YAP are a core element of Jigsaw Roscommon and are fundamental to everything we do. 

"I joined the yap because I wanted to help raise awareness about jigsaw and youth mental health. I’ve already met so many new people and had some great experiences, all while doing something that helps others."

- Roscommon YAP member


What does a Youth Advisory Panel member involve?

YAP members volunteer to help us make a difference to young people's mental health across Ireland. Their role is to represent their own views as young people in Roscommon; to represent Jigsaw within their community, and to make joint decisions with us on the running of Jigsaw’s services. 

As part of our Youth Advisory Panel you will:

  • Attend our regular Youth Advisory Panel meetings to help plan what we do
  • Get training and support to help you with your role
  • Help recruit the best staff to join the Jigsaw team
  • Be involved in decision making in Jigsaw
  • Represent Jigsaw at events
  • Organise activities and campaigns to promote Jigsaw and what we do
  • Support and be part of our fundraising events and campaigns


"I joined the YAP so I could let other young people know about the services available in our local area, to spread awareness and promote mental health and well-being. So far I have learned how to better care for my mental health through things like the five a day and I have met other young people like me who want to see change. We are actively taking part and participating to try and come up with ideas on how we might be able to improve certain things and what we would like to see change in the future."

- Roscommon YAP member

Who can apply?

To apply you must be aged between 16 and 23 and living, studying or working in County Roscommon. You'll have a passion for youth mental health and love working as part of a team.

What commitment is involved?

YAP members must attend regular scheduled meetings in Jigsaw Roscommon on Golf links Road. Meetings tend to be in the evenings and weekends and we'll try to fit around school, college and work commitments. We require YAP members to be involved for at least a year, and up to three years. If you're offered a place on the YAP, you'll need to undergo Garda vetting.

What are the benefits of joining the Jigsaw YAP?

Other young people have loved their experience on the YAP. Here are some of the reasons to consider it:

  • Develop lots of new skills that will help you in the future
  • Make a huge difference in your community
  • Take part in Jigsaw events and country-wide YAP events
  • Learn more about youth mental health
  • Meet new people and YAP members in other counties

For full information on what being a YAP member involves, download our role descriptor here

If you are ready to apply, download our application form and email it to Sinéad, our Youth and Community Engagement Worker. 

Deadline for applications is 21 April 2019


Albha joined a Jigsaw YAP when he was 18. Here's his story:

“After finishing school at 18 and taking a gap year, I was kind of at a loss of what to do with my time outside of mainstream education. There weren’t many opportunities outside of a sports clubs and a not-very-well-run youth club where I lived in Kerry - I was looking for something different, something meaningful and I found that in Jigsaw. Being a YAP member in Jigsaw Kerry was a huge lifeline for me as a young person in rural Ireland. I got the chance to take part in loads of really cool events and experiences, and feel part of something I was proud of with other young people like me in my community. It was a real launch pad for me in terms of really engaging and participating with people and an issue at a level I hadn’t before. It has honestly really shaped how my life has turned out now at the age of 24. I would really recommend it to any young person who is thinking of getting involved!”