One Good Workmate: Vanessa Burns

October 10th 2017

One Good Workmate: Vanessa Burns

This week is World Mental Health Week and the theme this year is 'Wellness in the Workplace'. In light of that, we've reached out to some of the workplaces in our area to ask them what they feel is important to promote wellness in the workplace. 

Today's blog is from Vanessa Burns who works in Bodybalance Physiotheraphy in Navan, Co Meath. 

I work for Bodybalance Physiotherapy. We’re a busy clinic and Pilates/Yoga studio on Canon Row in Navan. I started working in Bodybalance in February of this year. I was studying in Dublin at the time and needed something part-time to help with the expense of college and the commute and of course improve my skills, as I hadn’t got the opportunity to work solely in a clinic and spent most of my time as a GAA team physio on the field.

I had been feeling a bit down and out after applying to numerous clinics for part-time work and being rejected, then, at Christmas, whilst passing I had noticed the big blue logo outside Bodybalance and said to myself, why not apply and see how it goes. Being a Sports Therapist, jobs are hard come by at the best of times. After a couple of weeks I got the email asking me basically to come up & show the team what I could do. The rest is history. I’ll never forget the happiness and pride I felt by securing my post in Bodybalance and being appreciated for what I can do - finally! I openly admit I suffer from anxiety and get down at times, and have been told I ‘’compete with myself’’, which often left me feeling like I wasn’t doing enough/wasn’t good enough.

Vivienne, our boss, encouraged me to further my training as a Sports Therapist with varied therapy techniques, including Dry Needling, which is a little like acupuncture. This for me was big, as I lacked a lot of self-belief in my ability. She and the rest of the team helped me gain the independence and confidence I needed to apply myself and become a success.

I think communication is the key to promoting wellbeing in the workplace. We at Bodybalance are a very busy bunch, and have to find it in ourselves every day to provide the best care possible for our clients & class attendees whilst not letting our private/personal lives affect our ability or hinder us whilst doing this. Talking to each other is key and being upfront as best we can is key. I feel I have done some things to support the mental well being of my workmates; something as simple as taking a client for them or covering them for running late to an appointment at a busy time can mean so much. 

Youth mental health in Ireland is such a big issue these days. Thank God people have left the old Irish ‘’keep ploughing on’’ attitude behind and have actually started talking about how they feel, which is so important!