One Good Workmate: Lisa Whelan

October 12th 2017

One Good Workmate: Lisa Whelan

As this week is World Mental Health Week, with 'Wellness in the Workplace' being the theme for 2017, we will be introducing a different staff member in workplaces across County Meath. We want to capture a little bit about what workplaces do to promote and support wellbeing in the workplace.Today's One Good Workmate is Lisa Whelan.

I work in Chekhov’s Coffee House on Trimgate Street, Navan and have employed here for the past 2 years. If you’ve ever been to Chekhov’s you’ll know that there is a very upbeat and vibrant atmosphere.  There is always friendly banter, toe-tapping music on our playlists and it just gives for a very cheerful environment to work in.  Blair (the boss-man) supports a healthy work-life balance among us staff. 

We are all quite supportive of each other as a small team of 11. We notice each other. If one of us is maybe having a bad day or looks worried or stressed, we try make their day a little easier by lightening their workload or covering their work so they can take 10 minutes. 

The nicest thing a workmate has done for me? There is lots so I’ll just give you a collective example, when I made the decision to study this year I have experienced nothing but support, encouragement, advice and genuine happiness for me from all my colleagues. 

I think education around Mental Health should start earlier in schools. Young people need to be encouraged to talk about how they are feeling and not feel ashamed. There needs to be more access to services that can provide support.