One Good Workmate: Emer Coyle

October 11th 2017

One Good Workmate: Emer Coyle

As this week is World Mental Health Week, with 'Wellness in the Workplace' being the theme for 2017, we will be introducing a different staff member in workplaces across County Meath. We want to capture a little bit about what workplaces do to promote and support wellbeing in the workplace.Today's One Good Workmate is Emer Coyle.

What company do you work for? How long?

I've been working in Marks and Spencer for 11 years. 

What have you noticed works well to promote and support wellbeing in the workplace?

One of the biggest strengths is being linked with helping local community charities and this brings awareness into the work place.  Also I think involvement with your colleagues and understanding the pressures within the work place or their private lives.

Have you ever done anything to support the wellbeing of your workmates in the workplace?

Yes, being a manager, I always try to be mindful of the wellbeing of the staff, understanding their worries and being more aware of what might be going on for them.

What is the nicest thing a workmate has done for you in the last year?

It's the simple of things that come to mind.  A complement towards your work, giving support when I'm under pressure and it could be the little thing like printing off a document I need.  Team effort goes along way and this is supported and appreciated throughout the work place. 

Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. What change would you like to see to youth mental health in Ireland?

There are many angles to youth mental health; the people in our lives, the environment at home and in school.  Understanding big issues, for example, like with homelessness, how it's affecting the youth and what impact will it have for their mental health in their later years of life.  It's important to allow for youth to be more engaged with their own mental health and to be aware of that of the people around them. Is there more within the education sector to help young people understand every day difficulties in life? Is there help to educate the youth on how to make decisions with help around them, rather than worry and stress on their own? Social media is having a big impact on youth, this can be very damaging to someone that is not aware of the implications it can have, it has the power to turn your life upside down. Getting young people more involved with their local community is important too.